6 months old baby

Question: Hie Dearies My baby is 6months 10days . Started with solids when she was 10days shy to 6months as recommended by Paediatrician. Started with Mongdal rice porridge...once in afternoon...and then gradually in evening. Also gave her Ragi porridge recently and tomato soup...but she is very gassy now ,does potty every 3days and had hard poop today..cried during pooping & constipated. Please suggest me some food easy for her digest and help poop daily. Thank you!

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Answer: Hii dear it usually happens with babies when they start their soild foods as their digestive system still not fully developed their are certain foods which will help in constipation like give banana papaya fruits in the evening time around 4 clock banana is really a great fruit which will help your baby in digestion and give lot of warm water... pear fruit is also good for constipation
Answer: My baby is also 6 months and 1 week old My ped said give double the amount if water to the solids you're giving to your baby , often when babies don't drink enough water they develop gas and stomach issues like hard potty etc . Also give your baby boiled and pureed vegetable such as sweet potato, green peas, carrot
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Question: My daughter is 5month 20days Old..... I have started her with solids from one Week...... I m giving her ragi porridge... N she is pooping every alternate.. Day....... Its OK and can I start with carrot puree n fruits now?
Answer: Hi! First you should hv started solida after completion of 6 months, but since u hv already started it cant be undone, Ragi can cause constipation in babies, and u can offer fruits and veggies puree in his diet now, carrot purre specially help in easing the bowel and poop may hv the color of carrot, dont worry its all normal.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi... My baby is 6months 10days old. Her weight is 7.1kgs. Is it OK?. I have started solids and she is not interested to take. From 1st spoon onwards she is not taking what to do. Pls help with ur suggestions.
Answer: Do not force her to take extra food if she eats only 1spoon den you should give her food in short intervals of time life every hour u can feed her
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Question: My baby girl is 5 month 20days old..i started giving her stewed apple and banana with doctors consult..but now she is constipated..to day she cried alot when passing the stool. Dont know what to do
Answer: Don't worry... It's happened because of stewed apple.. Give her stewed pumkin alternatively..and give her small amount of boiled water..
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