8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi...brown rice or black rice can be consumed?

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Answer: hi dear, brown rice and black rice both are good to consume but both are contain high level of fibre that is the husk. even chances of chemical contamination is also high in brown rice and white rice. if you have normal pregnancy you can eat brown rice or black rice in small amount but consuming in large amount can cause severe stomach upset. take care .
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    Deepali Agrawal907 days ago

    Thanks for ur response dear

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Question: can brown rice be offered to 9 months baby boy?
Answer: Yes you can give. Brown rice is more fibrous and has less starch compared to white rice. To make sure that brown rice is properly cooked soak it an hour before cooking
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Question: Can green or black grapes be consumed during 13 week
Answer: Hi. Grapes are best avoided when you are pregnant, and that means no green or black grapes either. They are top-most in the list of unwashed fruits to skip when pregnant. While doctors are yet to come out with a consistent stand on pregnancy and grapes, it is now widely believed that resveratrol a compound they contain, can be toxic to pregnant mothers. Moreover, when you are pregnant, you may find it hard to digest the skin of black grapes as your digestive system is weakened.
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Question: Dry black raisin is safe to consume for fetal weight increase during 23rd week. If it can be consumed how many dry black raisin can be consumed
Answer: Hello! It is better to avoid black dry raisins. Instead have dates, banana, urad dal and dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, pistachios to increase the weight of the baby. Take care
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