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Question: Hi.am a mother of 11 months old baby nd pregnt with 2 mnths.my baby still not standing nd walking wht should i do.nd am worried how to manage My both babies aftr delivery My anty also give pressure to do all wrk of home nd she ask to care abt my inlaws.am really worried plz suggest me

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Answer: Hi,Dear Women have super powers they can balance work,I understand its not easily but elder baby is 11 months and now you are 2 months pregnant so by delivery yours elder one would be little grown up,so things would be easy for you,both will grow together starting it would be tuff later it would be easy,keep some house help maid so that she was take care of little one,and you can do household work,some help of your mom or mom in law.explain your husband I am sure whenever he gets time he will help you. Even I had 2 babies in span of 2 years its difficult but not impossible. Stay strong. All the best
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Question: hi frnds im in my 11 weeks of pregnanacy I m not feeling comfortable with my stomach nd having lot nd lot of back pain I really worried abt my baby. Is my baby safe
Answer: Hi dear during 12 weeks of pregnancy back pain stomach pain body ache feeling tired vomiting nausea lower back pain is very common nothing indicates any harm to your baby if your pregnancy does not have any complication from the very beginning so you do not need to worry about your baby's safety it is troublesome for you to suffer through back pain for stomach pain usually the stomach pain happens because of muscle stretching and secondly round ligament pain which is nothing but a band of tissue supports your uterus which keeps expanding during pregnancy to accommodate the foetus in your body and lower back pain happens due to the weight gain aur for a same posture there is nothing much that can be done to is the lower back pain but yes keeping a warm pad correcting your posture sitting with a lot of question pillows at the back walking on a daily basis for 10 minutes not slouching and sitting straight will help you .. Hope you find this helpful ..
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Question: is it safesending baby to day care or creche is as I want to rejoin my job .bt i m worried dat dey will tk care of my child or nt nd abt hygiene nd oll
Answer: Hi dear, Choosing a day care for your little one could be parenting challenge as along with safety you also need to face a guilt feel.no matter what,there are many pros and cons: Pros- Child will get his own independence Child will be more socialising as everyday he gets to meet many other kids Child would also would be academic strong,as many day care starts teaching concepts and art Cons- child is exposed to more illness Child might learn bad behaviour.as parents have no protecting sheild in day care Parent child bonding gets low due to less quality time. Hygiene can be compromised
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Question: hello i got a sudden jerk while standing in toilet.. in result of which i m having light pain in my vaginal and anal area.. nd kind of discomfort while walking whole day.. is there is anything to worry abt...
Answer: Hello dear, dont worry just lie down on your left and keep a pillow between your legs. Take some complete bedrest for sometime that will give you relief.
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