7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi,yesterday i went for blood and urine Checkup,today i got report every thing is normal in that,but my homeoglobin is only 71per.what should i do

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Answer: Most if the pregnant women experience low hb level during pregnancy . But you still have time to increase your haemoglobin at the comfort of your home just by making little changed in your diet. Aap daily 1 beetroot khao jis bhi form ne accha lage. Salad, paratha or soup etc. Aap apni diet me spinach, paneer and anar bhi include karo. Daily morning ne kaccha paneer kali Mirchi and halka salt laga kar khao. In sab k sath doc ne jo apko iron supplements diye hai wo daily raat me khao without fail. In few weeks your hb level will shoot up.
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Question: Hi im pregnent of 34 weeks today i went for blood checkup... N Dr replied that my bp is 130/90 .... Is it normal please suggest me
Answer: Hello dear. Readings above 140/90 mm Hg in pregnancy indicate highblood pressure, or hypertension. Your BP is on border line. For High BP you need to start Walking if still not started that to atleast 30 minutes and exercise regularly. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to lower high blood pressure but they have to done under the supervision of a certified trainer and should be recommended by your doctor. Also reducing your sodium i. e salt intake. You should be eating more potassium-rich foods. caffeine should be avoided. Stress isn't good for you try doing meditation for that. Hope this helps.
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Question: Yesterday I went for ultra sonography on that report everything is normal but one thing I read is fetal limbs grossly appears normal what date it means
Answer: Hiii. Don't get anxiety dear. it's normal report. In Scan report some parameters are approximately measure not 100% sure so they write appears normal . Hope it's useful.
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Question: Hi Mam I have done Icsi treatment ND my embro transfer was done on 11feb after that my blood and urine report came positive but today I went foe blood report and count dropped down to 74 from 5093
Answer: hello dear you are talking about the level of hcg? if it is hcg then you need to take your doctor suggestions immediatey
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