6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi. yesterday I have checked with pregnancy test kit. it's positive. today I went to doctor . after scanning she told pregnancy is there but still no baby growth. again she told to come after 10 days. is there any problem?😢

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Answer: no problem dont worry. sometimes its happen. go for next scan after 10 days everything will be positive dear. till then take healthy diet.
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    vinaya ram1287 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: Hi, yesterday I checked my pregnancy with kit and the result was positive. Today went for doctor consultation. In scan there is nothing visible. Am I pregnant or is there any other reason to get positive result through pregnancy kit
Answer: It is absolutely normal.and please donot worry.i had the the similar thing during my pregnancy.there was no sac detected and had to revisit at 8 th week.and there was my baby with heart beat.ao it's just a matter of beta HCG levels,which increases in different pace in each individual.and when you conceive late in the cycle,you would have gradual increase of this hormone.only when the beta HCG levels are 1500 plus, gestational sac,yolk sac and then heart beat is detected.so please rescan after few weeks.it is pretty normal thing....,
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Question: I tested positive pregnancy yesterday and got pink discharge around yesterday noon and today noon.. I went to gynec but there was no such discharge when she checked
Answer: Hi, I too got same symptom when I took my pregnancy test. But light discharge is common in first week of pregnancy. Don't worry you are pregnant and congratulations🎉🎊. Take healthy diet and be happy
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Question: Yesterday I went for anomaly test. During test doctor couldn't measure heart beat & told baby turned. She told to come today again. Is there any issue? I have to take any precautions?
Answer: Hi congrats for your pregnancy...nothing issuse...sometimes baby didnt cooperate to take scan...doc cant able to find heartbeat...do one thing walk or have cup of tea or coffe...then take scan
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