7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi yesterday i had my first appointment with doctor iam 6 week pregnant,doctor checked me physically by pressing my lower belly and she inserted her fingers through my internal organs is it a normal way to check it pls help

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Answer: We cannot say it's a wrong method but really old method she is using. Doctors were using it before vaginal ultrasound introduce. Now a day's no one use such technique. I would suggest change your Doctor.
Answer: Dont worry ma. Now a days doctors are following old technquies in order to avoid the c section ma. My doctor also did the same
Answer: Yes It's normal to check ... in olden times they check like that
Answer: Don't knw dear it's not normal check up
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Question: Iam 37 weeks now. And my dr recommented candid v3 tablet. Iam using this first time and i inserted the tablet using my fingers in to the vagina last night. In morning i just checked and the tablet was not dissolved till yet. What to do is it normal. Or did i inserted it wrongly? Pls someone help...
Answer: Hey dear... You might have inserted it superficially... today try to push it in slightly deeper than yesterday. Don't worry...🤗
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Question: Hello doctor, my friend had skip her period date,but before 5-6 days her date came,she checked two times by prega news yesterday, result is positive
Answer: Hello dear, you can get accurate result, on 7 days after missed period. If result is positive it means she is pregnant.
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Question: Hie my sister in law again checked today it was negative and yesterday when we checked with first toilet it was positive and again checked with other after she eat it was negative and today morning with first toilet she checked it was neg so what it is
Answer: Consult doctor... Doctor might suggest sonography and come to conclusion
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