36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi... which 1 is better normal ya c sec... my frnd ka c sec hua he sugest kiya he ki c sec usme pain kam hota he..but kuch dr frnds he mere wo bole go for normal..normql is far better than c sec.. plz sugest which 1 is better...for future.

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Answer: Hi dear normal is better because normal me usi time pain hota h next day leave mil jati h .. app normal food kha sakati h but c sec me 4 ..5 day ke baad leave milti h and app normal food bhi minimum 1 month tak nhi le sakte and life time app normal nhi rahega season change ke sath aap bhi problem me rahenge
Answer: Hello Dear, I had a c-section and it's very painful..yes,it's during operation u cannot feel any pain but righy after operation u will feel just like somebody stab u very painful u cannot take bath for 5-6 days..i will suggest u wait for normal delivery.if Doctor suggest for c.section so that the only way....
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Question: Ideally....which is gud and best for mom and baby....normal or c-section delivery??? Is it okey if we go for planned c section......so exactly i want to know which is better method???
Answer: Hi dear, Normal delivery is way more better for your overall well being.that is why it is called normal.the amount of blood you loose is normal delivery is far more less than c- section.off cource labor pain is intense and strong but every women can bear it.unless you have any complications, donot go for c section.in c - section ,the anesthesia numbs the pain .but it has lot of side effects.severe head aches,vomiting etc are few.and post recovery is longer.while in normal delivery,the healing is faster and can be discharged in next few days.the hormones during labor pain would help you push the baby out.the birth canal is meant for vaginal delivery so there is nothing to get scared about.keep yourself calm and relaxed.and donot overthink about it.it is a natural process,and we women are meant to deliver babies normally.we are capable.
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Question: Which one is better normal delivery or c-sec? Today is my due date but having no labor. Shuld i go for c-sec? Please suggest m fed up now
Answer: Hello! If you are not ready to wait then talk with the doctor and go for C-section. Both C-section and normal delivery has its pros and cons. But definitely being a natural process normal delivery is always preferred. But again it differs from individual to individual. Hence best will be to talk and take guidance from the doctor. Take care
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Question: Why normal delivery is better than c sec..since normal is more painful for dilation check, labour pain,stitches in vagina..they why it is o Preferable?
Answer: Hi dear,after u deliver there will be no pain in normal one..but u will feel pain after c section..n normal delivery take less time to heal properly..so most of d women prefer normal delivery..
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