19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, whenever I wipe after urination there's a blood spot. After the scan the report is ... "Anterior wall. An echogenic ill-defined area size 1.7 *0.9 cms noted at the interior end s/o hemorrhage. Grade 1." What's it means. Will it be ok? 4 days I'm taking rest. Now the colour of discharge is brown. Pls help me. I'm scared.

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Answer: Hi dear please don't worry it seems to be your subchorionic hemorrhage, which is common in a lot of pregnancies generally progesterone supplements are given either to consume or vaginal insertion and bed rest, in many cases its resolved on their own in the next scans. Hence please discuss it with your Doctor and follow his instructions, you may experience bleeding or spotting till the time it dissolves. Hope you feel better soon!
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    Nila Nila60 days ago

    Thank you so much !