1 months old baby

Question: Hi when my baby was born he was very fair till four days n dan he had redness all over his body due to baby wipes ....i consulted to dr n he asked to use atarax for the issue. My baby has gone darker n he stays reddish what can be the reason his palms n hand n foot is fair like before but he has hairs on his all over body even on cheeks. can u please tell me whem.will he regain his birth colour ?

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Answer: Same problem with my baby
Answer: Apply ur brest milk..
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    R. S.1168 days ago

    Hi sneha how will.thia help ?

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Question: My 1st baby is of 2 years n he is having too much hair on face n all over the body how can I remove his hairs especially from face
Answer: The first thing that hairs eye colour skin colour these all a genetic so even if you remove these has will come back and this time they will come back more strong. so it is important that you leave these hairs and let them fall by their own because these are baby hairs and secondly baby is very small so even if you try the natural procedures that are grandmas tales about using atta and all to rub and Scrub off the hairs this can sensitize your baby's skin and once your baby develops an allergic reaction or if it happens that your baby's body gets completely red because of application of any such home remedy that it will be very hard for you to take care and it will be very health compromising for your baby to gain the weight that he will lose while in all this allergic procedure
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Question: Hi all.. my baby boy is 1.5 months now. He wss born with a fair complexion and was the same till 5 6 days. But soon after his skin colour starts getting darker. Me nd my husband both have veru fair skin. What is causing my baby turning darker? And Will my baby regain the fairness?
Answer: Hi,don't worry about the complexion dear as it can keep changing as the baby grows there us nothing g to worry about this. As you and your husband are fair in complexion probably when the baby grows up the skin tone will change as of now it us advisable to leave it at that and don't try to apply any creams etc as it can harm the baby s skin texture. .
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Question: my son was born very fair and even me n my husband are fair ...now after one week he developed allergy bid of baby wipes used in hospital so dr asked to stop using them n gave atarax lotion ...his skin got red spots n redness n now his skin got darker tone n now in third week I have noticed his skin is getting dark. I use coconut oil for body massage...m worried for his skin tone will he regain his birth fair colour back ?
Answer: He original skin colour will show after 2 months of birth. So have patience. Meanwhile you can keep massaging him with coconut oil.
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