3 months old baby

Question: Hi when my baby girl born she had very white skin color, after that she got chest infection and her color turned into dark, I want to know either her color will change or not?

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Answer: Definetly ur baby color will change let the infection go away and after that put nalugu before bath
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    D Jay903 days ago

    What is nalugu?

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Question: When my baby girl was born she was white after 1month she changed her color and getting dark .it is premanant color or she changed into white color or not
Answer: Before 6months of age change of skin tone is normal. After that I will take its own color finally. So don't worry My sister's baby is still changing his color he is 9 months old
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Question: My baby had jaundice when she was born and kept under phototherapy for 48 hrs. After that my baby has turned to very dark skin tone. How much time it will take to regain her skin tone.
Answer: Don't worry my baby too gone through the same but this tan will not last for longer time. multi it takes 6 to 7 months to get normal skin tone of a baby. Give your baby gentle oil massage on regular basis and don't expose in Sun after massaging oil as it will cause more darkening of skin. Once a week you can apply the paste of milk Malai, turmeric and besan & gently massage for 5 to 10 minutes. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby color is white when born. After one week she turned wheat color.. And dull rash skin.. Why?? How to keep her skin whiten?
Answer: All babies are born fair but after some time real skin colour appear and it's always darker than at birth time it's normal process and no any remedy required. But for dullness do baby oil massage every day. Don't apply any home made mix or adult oils only baby oil. Don't buy cheap try to find Seba med products it's really good.
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