1 months old baby

Question: Hi, when i breastfeed my baby in one side, the other side of my breast starts to pain for few seconds. Same happens for both breasts. Is it normal?

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Answer: You should eat gastic tablets
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Question: When i breastfeed my baby on one side other side breastmilk starts leaking.what is the reason
Answer: Hello, Dear it's completely normal and common actually the extra milk supply start leaking when feeding your lil champ.. It's just that your body stimulate the milk hormones and when baby latch your breast start leaking milk because of high supply from the other breast also.. Happened alot when I was feeding my doll but you know that means your milk supply is good and baby is having enough milk..
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Question: Hi. When i breastfeed my baby on one side, the other breast aches and milk leaks. Happens at times. Is it normal?
Answer: yes this is very normal this happens when you have enough milk in your breasts . you can simply press your leaking breast with other hand and rotated in clockwise Direction You milk will stop secreating.
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Question: My baby starts shivering in sleep for few seconds ...wht is the reason behind it
Answer: Hello, Shivering causes muscles to expand and contract really quickly, which in turn, creates warmth.
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