15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi when I'm walking for half an hour my fingers tips become painful and feel like its swelling up in my right hand why is this so I'm in my 14 th wk

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Question: Hi ... I increased my walking time from half an hour to 1 hour in morning and half an hour in evening.. i feel some pain in lower abdomen.. should i reduce my walking time... Im 29 weeks pregnant
Answer: Hello! Mild pain in the abdomen is common. It is mainly due to the growing baby which puts pressure on the muscles and the ligaments. As for reducing of walk timing, I would suggest you to go as per your body. If you are fine and there is no problem you can continue walking as you are doing. Take care
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Question: I feel pain in my right side lower back for 1 and half an hour. What is this????????
Answer: Hi dear you are at your 39 weeks and it is possiblethat be contractions are coming in slowly. Because of which you are feeling pain in between. If you start feeling feeling pain with lesser time gap that is 10 minutes then you should rush to the doctor.
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Question: hello, i feel heavy my lower abdomen n when walking like 10/15 mints its become so hard. it's normal????
Answer: hello dear , feeling heavy in the lower abdomen is a common symptom in pregnancy . this is because of the expanding of uterus there are many ligaments stretching out .you should also try taking peppermint and ginger honey paste one teaspoon so that if it is because of acidity or gas this will help to give relief . when you get lower abdomen pain, it is advisable to take good rest because it will help to setrle.
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