6 months old baby

Question: Hi...when i follow 3 day rule while starting solid food to baby. Just want to know on 4th day when i start new food then should i stop old food or need to giv old food along with new food.

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Answer: It's good to change the menu daily and give variety food so that the baby won't get bored eating the same thing all the time. You can give new food along with old ones or try out new recipe and give new foods only
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Question: Hello mommies Do you guys follow 3 days rule while introducing new food to baby.
Answer: Hello dear. Yes I did and it worked and it definately takes that much time for the baby to start liking a food. You should try it and be calm as initially the reaction of the baby to anythinf new you give to eat is a straight NO. hope it helps.
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Question: I'll be starting with solids for ma baby???what food should I start with????plz help me along with recipes
Answer: There are many foods which you can give to your baby. In liquid foods you can give daal ka pani, chawal ka maad, fresh juices, coconut water etc in semi solids can give mashed banana, cooked apple ( peel the skin remove seeds then dice it then heat pan and add apple mash with the masher it will became pulpy, no need to add sugar) mango puree , mashed cheeku etc , in veggies you can give boiled and mashed potato, mashed bottle gourd , boiled sweet potato, pumpkin etc in solids you can feed moong dal khichdi , sooji ki kheer, raagi sheera, dalia , dal chawal, sooji idli mashed with sambhar or dal , custard etc make sure to cook it extra soft when giving to new one and keep it bit liquid , semi solid types it will be easy for baby to gulp the food.Always keep water handy when feeding to little one. Best of luck
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Question: My baby is 6mnths old cn i giv solid food nw or aft completion of 6 i need to start
Answer: Hello... Dear you can give solids after completing six months,so that it will be easily digestable to baby
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