1 months old baby

Question: Hi. What is the difference between the painful injection and painless injection in the second third ànd fourth month of the baby. And which one is better - painful or painless one??

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Answer: Hello mom In Painless vaccination, usually baby has lesser fever which results in less crying and which result in less pain but in painful vaccination, ur baby will feel more fever, more crying and thus more pain. There is no harm in giving painless vaccination and it is totally safe. Bas difference is that painless vaccination is more costly than painful vaccination.. Almost double the price.
Answer: Hi,in painless inj baby disent get pain and fever which happens in painful inj.i had also gone in for painless inj it is much better take care.all the best.
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Question: Hi mam ... What s difference between painful and painless vaccination?.. which one s gud for baby ?? Pls suggest me mam
Answer: Hi! There are painless and painful DPTs in India..the painful ones sometimes cause fever and the place where the inj is administered gets swollen and causes pain.whereas the painless ones do not have the above effects..and both the types are effective..except for dpt other vaccinations do not cause pain and fever. My paed always suggested to go for normal ones. Hence you can just discuss with your Paed and decide accordingly. Hope this helps!
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Question: Painless injection or painful which are better
Answer: Dear both have the same effects none is lesser than the other. It is just that painless are a bit expensive compared to painful and they do not cause any fever after they are given. Hope it helps.
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Question: What is the difference between painful and painless vaccination ? Which one is better?
Answer: Hi dear, Painful vaccination especially DTP is more effective in all ways compare to painless vaccination of DTaP. Painless one donot provide effective immunity against Pertusis,as the virus does not enter the living cells and stay. Your child can get worse form of this disease in adulthood. Please prefer the painful vaccination over the painless one. The pain and fever would last for maximum 48 hrs which needs to be tolerated by child and parents. Charges are also high for painless one.it is almost triple the price of paunfull type. Painless one would cost you around 2070/- in India.
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