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Question: Hi. What is Doppler scan..?

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Answer: Hello dear Doppler scan uses sound waves to detect the movement of blood in vessels. It is used in pregnancy to study blood circulation in the baby, uterus and placenta This scan is done necessarily 2 times within 9 months, if there are no additional contraindications to it: On 22-24th week On 30-34th week.
Answer: Doppler scan is for doctors to see if the blood circulation in the baby is ok ..thats y it is done
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Question: What is doppler scan??
Answer: hello dear A Doppler scan measures the blood flow through the umbilical cord and around different parts of your baby's body, such as his brain and heart. This helps to show whether he's getting all the oxygen and nutrients he needs via the placenta. ... It gives a good idea of how your baby's doing.
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Question: What is doppler scan
Answer: It ia an ultrasound done by doctors to see the organs of baby
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Question: What is doppler scan?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Doppler ultrasound uses sound waves to detect the movement of blood in vessels. It is used in pregnancy to study blood circulation in the baby, uterus and placenta. Take care.
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Question: what is doppler scan
Answer: Growth of your babyand water level will be checked
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