26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi 26 weeks pregnant m on cefixime tablet for uti n last night i had brokoli soup n today afternoon i observed that my pee color is slight green why is it so? plz help

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Answer: hi dear! so its the broccoli soup that you had that is causing a slight green colour urine. there is nothing to worry dear. the drug will not cause green urine . so dont worry dear. take care.
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    Nikita Patankar28 days ago

    Thanku so much maam i was so tensed

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Question: I am 17 weeks pregnant now.. The poop is dark green in color since a week.. why is that so??
Answer: Ie because of iron tablets u are taking, there is nothing to worry about it
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Question: Hello I'm now 10 weeks pregnant. I had a dark brown color discharge in urine today. Why is it so?
Answer: Hi dear, Don't worry it was implantion bleeding.it ll happen in 1st trimester.if it is in dark and flow like periods have to consult a doctor.otherwise no worries.
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Question: I had last lmp on 5th jan n had all the pregnancy symptoms bt today I got periods in the morning n on the afternoon it stop with brown bleeding after that whenever am claiming stairs am getting bleeding
Answer: Hello! Please consult the doctor. It does not seem like periods bleeding. Please see a good doctor. Take care
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