21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. We had our anamoly scan. Everything was fine except the fetus has SUA - Single umbilical artery. Im very much worried . Will my baby be hale and healthy?.

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Answer: Hello! Sua is single umbilical artery, generally it is nothing much to worry about. Most of the time the baby is healthy. But growth might be little slow which is fine. The doctor will keep a watch through out the pregnancy. Take care
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Question: Hi im 20 weeks pregnant. Had my anamoly scan. Everything was normal except 2 findings. Placenta low lying 2cm away from cervix and the fetus has Single umbilical artery. Im worried of it. Kindly can someone explain me.
Answer: Hi dear, placenta moved throughout your pregnancy so if none it is low lying, it has chances to move later. You need to take bed rest now. It may help a lot. So don't worry take rest. Of you have single umbilical artery, it may not affect your baby. Umbilical cord has two arteries and a vein. Vein carries nutrition and oxygen to baby and arteries carries waste product. So single artery may not be harmful to your baby.
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Question: Hi im 20 weeks pregnant. We had our anomaly scan today. everything was fine except two findings. My placenta is low lying and is 2cm away from the cervix. The foetus has SUA- single umbilical artery. Im worried a bit. Kindly clarify it.
Answer: Risks of bleeding with lowlying placenta Take compete bed rest.take regular USG exams to monitor whether the placenta is moving away from the is.single umbilical artery usually doesnt affect baby's health but there is risk of congenital malformations and fetal growth restriction.needs to do regular checkups to monitor baby's health
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Question: Hi im 20 weeks pregnant. Had our anamoly scan today.Everything was normal except 2 findings. My placenta is low lying and 2 cm away from cervix and the feturms has Single umbilical artery .im worried of it. Will my baby be fine?
Answer: Low lying placenta is a thing of worry. I think please consult a doctor for the same. I had bed rest wen my placenta was low lying in 4th month
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