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Question: Hi.. We had intercourse on ovulation day(10th of this month)...when should we go for pregnancy check at home if periods got skipped

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Answer: Better u test 1 week after missing ur periods. Because for some people it takes some time to increase the hcg level which is very important to get the accurate results
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    meena vaghora62 days ago

    Will Treadmill and cycling exercise do in first trimester?

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    Swathi Tellakula60 days ago

    OK.. Thank you for response..

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Question: We had intercourse on and after ovulation ... When do i check my pregnancy result
Answer: Hi,once you have missed your owruods you should do a blood beta hcg test or after 8 days of missing your periods you should do upt.
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Question: I had intercourse on ovulation day....but pregnancy results negative...i got periods today
Answer: Hi.. Dear you need to work on your ovulation days, it might be a miss calculation then.. If you want monitor your cycle and mark it on your calender.. happens about 14 days before your period  starts. If your average menstrual cycle is 28 days, youovulate around day 14, and your most fertile days are days 12, 13 and 14.
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Question: Hi mam my periods on 10th Nov my periods cycle 30 days when my ovulation day last 7 month to we planning for pregnancy bt nt
Answer: Hi dear ur ovulation will come after 15 days of ur first period day. That means it will comes after almost 15 to 16 days from ur first day period. It is fine to conceive in 1 year but do follow healthy lifestyle and if u feels then u can get ur body check done.
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Question: I had my periods last month Dec 7 when should I check my pregnancy test at home on which date
Answer: Hi if you didn't get a periods on jan7th you can check now
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