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Question: hi we had an unsafe intercourse last night , we didn't use any precautions .. my baby is 37 days old and is exclusively on breastfeeding. . can l take l- pill ??

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Answer: Most methods of birth control are safeduring breastfeeding, but methods that contain estrogen can lower your milk production. ... Progesterone, which increases during breastfeeding, actually boosts milk production. So a progesterone-only pill (also called the mini pill) is a better choice for nursing moms.
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Question: hi my baby is 55 days old and exclusively on breastfeeding. . l have cold .. can l take D'cold total ?? pls reply ASAP
Answer: Hello dear I will suggest you to take remedies. these are safe and effective.  1• To treat cold make a paste of ginger, clove and salt and take about half spoon of this home remedy for cold two times in a day to treat and cure cold. 2• A natural home remedy for cold is to inhale the aroma of smashed thymol seeds(ajwain). 3• Put few drops of almond oil in the nostrils to cure running nose and cold easily. 4• Nose blockage can be treated by taking steam with few drops of eucalyptus oil. This is a good home remedy to cure common cold and flu. 5• Increase your intake of fruits and food rich in Vitamin C as Vitamin C deficiency can cause cold easily. Eating oranges, amla, grapes, sweet lime can help you to protect and prevent cold. 6• Ginger tea is one of the best and popular home remedy for cold. Boil ginger into water before boiling tea leaves to get good results to treat cold. 7• Sneezing and running nose can be treated by eating pepper. Take half a spoon of grinded pepper with lukewarm water and this will relieve you from runny nose. Gargling pepper in warm water also help to get rid of cold virus and germs. 8• You can get rid of cold very fast by inhaling fumes of turmeric powder, which is sprinkled on the burning coal. This is also a home remedy to treat nose blockage. 9• One of the best home remedy for cold is to take dry ginger powder mixed with old Jaggery. This natural remedy is to be taken twice a day to get rid of running nose and cold. 10• Taking half spoon of turmeric powder twice a day is an effective home remedy for cold and flu. 11• Drinking hot water for the days when you are suffering from cold helps you to overcome running nose. 12• Roast sesame seeds in ghee and mix them in jaggery. Taking this home remedy for cold will help you treat running and itchy nose especially in winter. 13• Drinking lukewarm water with honey and lemon juice helps to get rid of cold and running nose. 14• Figs also known as Anjeer boiled in water is one of the best home remedies for cold and flu. Take this hot water twice a day to treat cold, sneezing and running nose. 15• Take a pinch of Cinnamon (dalchini) powder mixed with a teaspoon of honey to get rid of cold. 16• To treat cold chop a piece of ginger and boil it in a cup of water and add half lemon juice and a spoon of honey. This is an effective home remedy for cold repeat, which will soothe your throat and relief you from cold. 17• Make a cup of tea by adding ginger, clove, bay leaf and black pepper. Consume this home remedy for cold twice a day. 18• Carom Leaf (Ajwain) boiled in water is a natural remedy to cure cold. Mix honey in this boiled water to get rid of cure cold or running nose. 19• Apply Castor oil on the middle of the head to get relief from running nose and cold. 20• Boil aniseed (Saunf) and cloves in water for 15 minutes and add sugar. This is a good home remedy to get rid of cold at home. 21• Consuming a spoon of Betel leaves (Pan) juice is a good way to treat cold and sneezing at home. 22• Smelling the aroma Asafetida (Hing) is also a home remedy to cure sneezing, cold or running nose. 23• Taking half a spoon of ginger juice with a tablespoon of honey helps to cure sore throat and cold. 24• Intake of garlic in any form assists to get rid of cold and sneezing. 25• Gargling with warm salt water is an excellent home remedy for cold and sore throat. This natural home remedy is very effective in winter.
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Question: My baby is 3 month old, and exclusively on breastfeeding,can I take I pill for contraception
Answer: Yes it could..since everything is hormonal .any alterations with medication can effect the breastmilk supply You can safely use non-hormonal birth control while breastfeeding. you should better consult a doctor
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Question: We had sex last night and im breastfeeding my 3month old baby is der any chance of conception or should i take any contraception pill..please help me
Answer: Hi, yes there are chances because you tend to populate even when you are breastfeeding you can consult the doctor and take contraception pills
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