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Question: Hi we are trying to conceive last mnth 17jan periods hue the today is 18 mje 2 days s kfi gila gila feel ho rha i pregnent when can i check by kit??

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Answer: Wait for two days then I can check
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Question: Mam, we are planning for baby from 4 mnth last i also check by ovulation kit but my period started today last month my period started31 dec..
Answer: hi you should try and have intercourse during your ovulation period on every alternate days the ovulation period mostly Falls between 12th to the 16th day of your period you should try doing this for 3 to 4 months for getting positive results in case the results are still not positive you should consult to the doctor as there could be some hormonal imbalances in the body which may require some treatment which can be done in consultation with the doctor
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Question: Its been a year and one month i got married. We are trying for baby since then. Still i am not able to conceive. My period started today. When should we have s** to get pregnent?
Answer: you should not worry until you have been trying to get pregnant with unprotected intercourse for 1 months . For a couple that is trying to get pregnant, it is important to have sex when ovulate.u're most likely to conceive around 14 days before the start of ur menstrual period. That's when an egg is usually released from ur ovaries and ovulation takes place. So ur best chance of getting pregnant.
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Question: Hi I'm 34years old. I have 4years Daughter. We are trying for the second baby. But my periods are irregular last 5 or six months. We are trying for the second baby last 3months. But I can't conceive.
Answer: Consult ur gynaecologist and check the reason for irregular periods and treat that first. It is difficult to conceive when periods are irregular.
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