7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi..we are out for a holiday at a resort.Can I go for body massage here at spa centre ?

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Question: Hello Can i go for hair spa
Answer: Hi.. Yes, dear you can go for hair spa, it doesn't involve any chemicals..
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Question: Hi, i am 12 weeks pregnant and i wanted to know that can i have a body spa or a gentle body massage??
Answer: Hello As long as u are not sleeping on ur stomach and using natural oils it's no problem. Yes you can do threading but be a little cautious while doing a facial or bleach. Skin becomes extra sensitive during pregnancy because of the harmone surge in ur body try a patch test with the products u r using so u want have a reaction or allergy.
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Question: Is it safe to go for parasailing jet ski and body spa or massage during third month
Answer: Consult your doctor... there is a medicine that help baby for potty... its not good.. consult asap
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