Question: Hi vitamin A1 vaccine is injected or oral drop please advice ?

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Answer: hello dear vitamin A1 is given orally or through injection but you need to follow your doctor suggestion he suggest you the best
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Question: Is rotavirus vaccine or oral drops?
Answer: Hello dear. Rotavirus vaccines are given orally, not as a shot. Take care.
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Question: My baby is 5 weeks old. Was given oral polio vaccine at birth. Does he need today's polio drop too?
Answer: Yes dear... U have to give polio drop everytime it is given by the govt. And also on his booster vaccine days... Giving polio drops will only be beneficial for him... It won't harm him...
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Question: Hi, how many years we give vitamin D3 oral ?
Answer: Hi dear i gave it to my baby for the first 6 months. Do discuss and confirm from ur doctor if ur baby need more or till hoe long u can give. It depends on baby health also.
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Question: Hi pls tell when we take Vitamin D (Depura) oral Solution . Or empty stomach?
Answer: Hi dear, There is no need to take in empty stomach .you can take whenever you wish food is also ok.
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