20 months old baby

Question: Hi .. treatment for bed wetting in 8years old

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Answer: It takes lot of patience and time to make your baby getting used to the new routine..make sure baby is not drinking much fluid post 6 pm.restrict to one -two glass of water post 6 pm.make sure you are making your child pee prior sleeping without forgetting.this helped in my daughter's case.for first few days make your baby pee in middle of night .slowly it would stop.keep to this routine continue.i tried out in my daughter and it helped....
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Question: bed wetting
Answer: Generally children outgrow bed-wetting on their own by the age of 7. Staying dry at night requires your child's brain, muscles, and bladder to mature and work together. It's a more complicated process than staying dry during the day and requires several physical developments. However u can still tak following steps - 1) you can encourage her to drink more early in the day and see if that helps. Aim for roughly 40 percent of his fluid intake in the morning, 40 percent in the afternoon and 20 percent in the evening.  2) Make sure your child goes to the bathroom right before bed, and if she wakes up during the night, ask if she'd like to use the bathroom. Offer to go with her if she's reluctant. 3) Your child should be going to the bathroom regularly, about four to seven times, throughout the day. If she isn't, she may be avoiding drinking and going to the bathroom during the day, and urinating more at night instead.
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Question: Hi..can any one plz suggest treatment for bed wetting in kids..
Answer: Dear the baby is only 20 months.. This is common at this age... Till the age of 5 it is fine dear...
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Question: Any remedies for bed wetting for 8 year old
Answer: You should give 2 dry dates and 6 raisins to your baby before bed, it would help
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