28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi totally I gone through 4 scanning now I'm 26 weeks bz of utres problem before going to stichting for cervix 2 scanning has done and for 1 month d other in 5 mth and other 2 in before going to opration to know the length of cervix so i think aging in 9 mths dr ll b other scanning I worried so many scanning

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Question: I'm 22 weeks pregnant. I have gone through my anamolous scanning in 20 weeks. Cervix is 3.4 cms is it normal. I have heard if it is shorter there are chances for premature delivery?
Answer: Hi dear, Cervical length is the length of the lower end of uterus.in non pregnant women it is 4-5 cm.ince you are at 24 week,average length of the cervix is around 3.5cm.anything below,2.2 cm could increase your chance of preterm labor.initial symptoms of shorter cervical length,could be: 1- vaginal discharge which is often pink or tan 2- increased pelvic pressure 3-watery white discharge 4- spotting 5-bachaches 6- premenstrual like cramps Though the above symptoms could also be due hormonal changes,but it's better to check with your doctor.it usually decreases only at the final stages to induce labor. Cervical insufficiency,is the reason for such early dialation of cervix and shortening the length.
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Question: Good morning....!!! I had gone through cerclarge surgery for my first pregnancy in 5 month because doctors in canada told my cervix is short by 0.8cm .So, I had gone through this surgery on 18thdec 2018... to continue my pregnancy. Now I just want to know actually Indian doctors had told me to take complete bed rest bcz of stich.So, at end I have to go through C-section or normal delivery,if normal delivery possible how much pains I need to suffer...???
Answer: Hello dear. Cervix stitches are removed at 36 weeks and normal delivery is definately possible. I would suggest you to not think too much about the delivery for now. Just focus on taking bed rest for now and eat healthy and stay hydrated. Hope it helps.
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Question: my cervix scan in 25 th wk shows only 2.7 length..In 5 th mth scanning it showed 3.4 ..Now i suggest full bed rest ..what are the other remedies to get a full term birth ..??
Answer: I had same issue at 25 weeks... Was admitted for emergency cerclarge... Now I am at 32 weeks with no contractions... Follow complete bed rest & start taking medicines prescribed to control contractions... Take care n all the best!
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