16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... tomorrow's fast is a tough one without food and water ...shud i take the risk to fast?

Answer: No problem u can
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Question: Hi...i am 22 weeks pregnant..... should i fast for 24 hour without food and water
Answer: No!!!! Don't do any type of fast during pregnancy.
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Question: Hi, I am 31 weeks pregnant, is it OK to fast without water till 24 hours....
Answer: Hi, I think you are taking about teej vrat. No, since you are pregnant, you should not stay without liquids. You can eat fruits, have coconut water, have light snacks like chips or farahal like sabudana khichdi or kheer. You should always eat something like fruits or dry fruits. I'm also fasting and every year I fast without water for 24 hours. But this time since I'm pregnant, I'm going to eat all farahali items including wter, milk and tea. This fast came during my first pregnancy as well, that time I was 9th month pregnant.. So you should have whatever you want as we are pregnant with our babies and babies ka fast thodi na hai😃
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Question: which typ of food i shud take now a days
Answer: High protien and high fibre diet..u can very well take dairy products because they are rich in calcium..like milk,yoghurt,butter milk,curd..they are probiotics too..
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