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Question: Hi. Today was my 32nd day, usually my period cycle is 28days. I had a slight brown spotting in evening. Is it period coming or implantation bleeding?

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Answer: S dr it is implantation bleeding wait for 5 days then made a urine test congrats and be careful
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Question: Hi. My period cycle is of 28days. Today is my 32nd day n i hvnt got my b4 yest. N yest. I had a backache.
Answer: Hello dear. Back ache could be due to pregnancy. It has already been 4 days since you have been missing your periods so please wait for another 3 days and do the home pregnancy with morning first urine to get accurate results. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi I'm in 6weeks 3days pregnancy. I had a Spotting problem . Slight Bleeding which was brownish in color. Is it implantation bleeding. Will it affect the baby
Answer: Hi Dear! No bleeding is normal in pregnancy however few women experience implantation bleeding when the fertilized egg gets attached to the wall ans it causes some pinkish spotting for maximum 1-2 days. But if you are 7 weeks along implantation bleeding chances are less because it happens after 10 days of ovulation while periods occur after 14 days, so if i get bleeding after 22-25 days its implantation bleeding. (please note the days vary and depends on cycle) In my opinion u should check it with your Dr. as soon as you can. Good luck!
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Question: I missed my period, but now i have a light brown colour blood spotting whether it is implantation bleeding
Answer: Hi dear if you have missed your period but now having a light brown colour spotting it is periods it is just that the flow will take some time to get get established it is not pregnancy and not implantation bleeding either it happens around 10 days after ovulation and it is a light pinkish bleeding which stays for 1 to 2 days so please wait this flow should establish with time.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I had half day spotting can it be implantation bleeding or ovolution bleeding?
Answer: hello dear, as you said you experienced half day spotting only then it could be implantation but another chance is there that it's your next menstrual period. Now to confirm you have to wait for at least one week and then take a pregnancy test if your period doesn't come.
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