37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi , Today is my first day of 32 weeks of pregnancy. I am feeling too much of kicking and moving daily. I am not sure whether its abnormal move. I want to know whether its safe and normal symptom ?

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Answer: Hello dear. Yes the baby moves a lot at this stage as he is trying to change the position into head down. At the minimum your baby moves 10 times in a 2 hours span but usually it is more than this. Nothimg to be worried. Hope it helps.
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Question: I am 32 wks pregnant....My baby is moving and kicking too much the whole day....Is it normal for my baby to kick the whole day?
Answer: Hello! Yes it is normal. Every pregnancy is different. So there is nothing to be worried about. Take care
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Question: Hai am 9 weeks pregnant daily am having nausea symptom and vomitings but today I did not vomit and am not having any nausea feeling and am not having any bleeding also is my baby safe inside
Answer: Hi dear, Not to worry.many pregnant women have similar concern.hormona fluctuations result in such changes.some people donot even get any nausea.so depends on each individual.if your scans were fine then not to worry.
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Question: Am 6 weeks pregnant and m feeling discomfort in stomach.. Not sure whether its hunger.. I feel lik empty kind of vomit sensation too.. Even aftr i eat.. I couldn't lye.. What can i do
Answer: Hi! Its due to gas and acidity.. Keep something to eat besides bed while sleeping at night. First thing in the morning instead of getting up(sitting) put something in mouth and chew properly for a minute or so (lying on bed itself) and then get up and sit ..it helps a lot in settling down acidity and gastritis. *Cold milk without sugar.. 2 3 sips after every hour, vanilla icecream. *I had major acidity during pregnancy. Dont have spicy food, have small frequent meals, and Chilled milk in small sips, eat saunf after meals help alot, avoid canned juices, have coconut water, chewing gum can give temporary relief, you should have dinner early at least 1.5-2 hours before sleep can drink a glass of cold milk before sleeping, it should work.. Hope this helps!
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