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Question: Hi today is day 9 after my embryo transfer and there is sharp headache .And from two 3 days there is little bit back pain and ovary pain is it normal?

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Answer: Hi dear, mild back pain and headache is normal after embryo transfer due to hormones.drink plenty of fluids, take more fibre diet to prevent constipation.if it is severe please take paractamol tablet.take care
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    hare krishna8 days ago

    Thanku mam , mam is headache a sign of conception?

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Question: Post embryo transfer day 14 I had my BETA HCG test and got the Result value 1467 mIU/mL . Also post embryo transfer I had to take HCG injections on 14th 18th and 22nd . Is it because of the injections?
Answer: Dear it is difficult to say whether you conceived or because of hormonal injection your hcg level has elevated in since it could be a positive results but I will suggest you to take another HCG test after 48 hours if the result has double then that confirms you have conceived. All the best 👍🙂.
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Question: baby 8 days old and not pooping from 3 it normal
Answer: If ur baby is on breast feeding then not going for poop up to 7days is normal dear...
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Answer: You have any symptoms of pregency??? Btwn I would suggest wait for blood test
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