38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi today i had pv to open the internal os nw slight pain like periods and slight bleeding had started

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Answer: Hi , it means your baby is taking position in to cervix ,you can also obseve some mucous with mix of brow bleeding .this seems you are ready for labour. In my case I have mucous discharge immediately I went to hospital , doctor checked and did internal .after that next day I have lot of muscous discharge with brown blood and I started like period pain. Again went to doctor and did internal then started bleeding.after coming home I got pains for every 10min . It depends on cervix dilution. Next day morning I delivered a baby.
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Question: hi...i had c section on dec 7th..now its been 44 days..since today i am bleeding again like periods and slight pain below the area of stritches which is coming like on and off....is it serious.?
Answer: hello.. dear the pain in the lower abdomen is common after delivery.. so warm compresses or warm bath showers will ease your pain.. and take proper rest... usually bleeding long time after delivery is also common.. but if it is continous for nest few weeks then consult your doctor..
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Question: Today my pv has been done wid one finger to open the internal os now i have slight pain and bleeding
Answer: Hii dear dis z quite normal when internal check up takes place. But if u have severe pain then do consult doctor.
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Question: Today i had internal check up. Dr said my os is tightly closed. What should i do to open os.
Answer: Drinkluke warm milk with one spoon of desi ghee .and mopping ur foot in sitting posture
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