28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... Today I found my right brest is slightly bigger than left one... Can u tell me the reason

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Answer: It is common dear. For everyone their one side will be slightly bigger than the other side. Dont worry it is not a serious issue
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Question: My left side Brest is bigger than right side Brest.. plz help me what can i do
Answer: Dear when we feed baby more fringe one side then this happens. My breast is also different in size because of same reason and nothing can be done but if you still breastfeed your baby then feed more from the smaller side that will help increase size also you can do.massage. that can also help.
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Question: my right breast is bigger than the left one..is there a problem.any solution for it
Answer: No dear this is not a problem just after delivery it happens due to fullness and sucking ...Nothing to worry after wards it will be normal . Make sure to feed from both the breast alternatively ...Happy feeding 😊😊
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Question: Right side of my baby's chest is slightly bigger than the left one...is there any matter of concerns
Answer: Hi.. Mommy.. There is nothing to worry.. It could be but it should go away on its own as the baby grows.. My cousin also had it as a child.. But later on it was fine.. Bit if you are still worried you can consult the doctor once.
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