27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi today I entered into my 3rd trimester. Two weeks before I had TIFA scan everything is normal. But amniotic fluid index is 18.is it high?. How to control amniotic fluid. Please give suggestions I am worried..

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Answer: No no dear ..afi range btwn 8 to 18 is normal.. on our last trimmster our water level gets reduce without knowing us..so don't think abt to reducing..it's not in our hands to reduce.. keep up ur routine intake of water and liquid juices ..so that v can maintain throughout pregancy without affecting baby..
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    Bharrathi Cheri949 days ago

    Thanks for the reply

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Question: I had color doppler ....and my AFI is 18..is my amniotic fluid high??i m worried..plz answer
Answer: Its normal higher side. AFI is consider normal till 18. However u need to taje adequate care. Try to find out underline cause for the higher value. Usally gestational diabetes is commonest reason. Check sugar level specially Glucose tolerance test . Ur sonologist must have evaluated the functioning of kidneys of baby / any other anamolies. If there is no anamoly / reason for increased value its called as idiopatic hydroamnios. Nothing to worry but u shud be alert. Ur doctor will intervein if needed. Most of the times rest & reduction in sugar intake will help in this situation
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Question: Today i had my scan dr.told that my liquor level is little high? It was mentioned Amniotic fluid 18? Is it something serious?
Answer: Nothing serious ,it is good for you and your baby,your baby is getting more space ,and getting adequate oxygen,so don't worry
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Question: I m 33 weeks pregnant. My amniotic fluid is reduced for gestational age. Amniotic fluid index is 4.9cm. Please suggest me how to increase amniotic fluid
Answer: Your amniotic fluid is too low. It should be greater than 10cm. Have lots of fluids, citrus fruits, coconut water and doctor will suggest you with amino acids sachets and tablets to increase aminotic fluid.
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