37 weeks pregnant mother

Hi today am in 36th week went to checkup today. Doctor inserted her hand into my vagina after that it's bleeding for me . From the morning till night. What to do now?

Consult ur doc immidiately...don't waste time
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Question: today i went to hospital for check up...doctor used her fingers to check the vagina...felt heavy pain...after that came to home and inner see the lite bleeding...after that three times felt the bleeding? is it normal
Answer: Hello Yes it's normal. You had you internal examination done. Due to the finger being inserted into the vagina to check the amount of dilation come tissues and muscle get torn. Due to the tearing their will be bleeding.
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Question: Hi I am 38 week pregnant.. Today done my internal checkup.. N then started little bit bleeding from vagina.. Is it normal or what
Answer: Yup symptoms of labor plz consult your gynecologist immediately
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Question: Hi, need to do any nipple preparation like any massage so that it's easy to feed after delivery... Am in 36th week of pregnancy
Answer: Yes. You can massage your breasts with coconut oil. Also massage your nipples by gently pulling them out. It helps during breastfeeding later especially if you have flat nipples. See to it that you don't press your nipples too hard.
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