27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.this time is my second pregnancy.my first pregnant was miscarried about 28 weeks.n these 2 days my baby's movements was very weak.i'm so worried.what to do n how can i take care?

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Answer: Plz don't get worry dear. Make sure to have healthy diet. Sometimes baby do move less and it's fine. U can have a glass of cold juice when I will be doubtful. But stay positive.
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Question: I first early pregnancy was abort in 2 month, now second time i am pregnant. What care should take, for preventing abortion?
Answer: Hi.. Dear there are many reasons that may lead to miscarriage.. Other than this, cervical incompetence or cervical insufficiency occurs with the inability of the cervix to stay closed during the entire pregnancy...there can be other reasons as well, I am not sure about the reason due to which you faced it.. Be careful about the things you were not in your early pregnancy.. Follow your gynaecologist, take proper rest, have all medicines on time, take proper diet...
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Question: How much should my baby move now.. I feel very little movements some days. Little worried.what should I do
Answer: Nothing to worry my frd it's normal,u just feel slight movements because there is no space for ur baby so u feel low moments consult doctor immediately if u feel no moments or count no.of moments if they are less than 10 times immediately contact doctor
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Question: How can i take care of my baby's oral care, she has just 6-7 teeth
Answer: Dear you should brush your baby's teeth everyday you can use a simple toothpaste for kids. You can also find a finger brush easily available in the market or any baby brush with soft bristles will do
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