28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi this is Yamini I am in 23 week pregnant but my baby growth is only 450g Is OK or problem plz tell me how to increase my baby growth some tips

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Answer: Hi dear, Right now your baby growth is in normal range.there is nothing to get worried about it.continue to eat a well balanced diet for healthy pregnancy weight.
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    Yamini Basava195 days ago

    Thanks dear

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Question: I m 30 week pregnant bt my baby weight is jst 1440gm.....plz tell me some tips to increase baby
Answer: Hi, Here is the following tips will ensure both you and the fetus gain weight in a healthy manner: Eat a balanced and nutrition rich diet. Try to keep your diet as natural as possible with loads of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also include whole grains, proteins and complex carbohydrates to your meals. Take your prenatal vitamins regularly. It compensates for any gaps in your nutrition intake and acts as a healthy supplement for your and your baby’s health. Include dry fruits and nuts in your diet as they have healthy fats. Ensure you get enough rest during the day and the night. Resting will give your body a chance to refresh itself. Over-exerting yourself puts a pressure on both you and the fetus. So try to catch a day time nap and ensure you get at least 8 hours of sleep in the night Stay relaxed and positive at all times. When you are over anxious, you tend to under-eat (thereby not giving your body and the fetus enough nutrients) or overeat (mostly wrong and unhealthy food choices) Keep yourself always hydrated with plain drinking water. Dehydration during pregnancy can cause many complications like headaches, acidity, indigestion, heartburn etc. If you are worried about your baby’s weight, talk to your gynecologist and understand how often you want to keep track of it. Usually doctors do not recommend ultrasound scans unless necessary Discuss with your doctor if you need to take any extra supplements to increase fetal weight However, the point here is that it is the mother’s weight that determines fetal weight. If the mother does not gain enough weight, the fetus will accordingly be small. Avoid fatty foods such as fried items and very oily food – Avoid smoking, drugs, alcohol and caffeine. All of them have a negative impact on your and fetal health
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Question: Am 23 week pregnant ..now ammonic fluid level is only 8 how to clear this problem and how to increase afl
Answer: One way to increase amniotic fluid volume and potentially avoid this condition is simply by drinking more water. 
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Question: Am 23 week pregnantam 23 week pregnant i have white discharge its problem for my baby? plz tell me
Answer: Dear white discharge is very common in pregnancy it is sign that your vagina cleanses itself so there is no need to worry
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Question: I am 23 week pregnant can you plz give some tips to have normal delivery
Answer: There are lot of you tube videos on this..Do not pressurize yourself for normal delivery..Just aim for a healthy delivery both for you and your baby
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