28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi This is my wife 17th week of pregnancy scan result is Placenta-posterior; Presentation-Breech what is the meaning of the word breech Doctor said everything is normal but need more clarity please explain. Thanks

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Answer: Hi, Both an anterior and posterior placenta are normal for both the baby and the mother. When it is in the vertical location of the uterus, this makes it a placenta posterior. So it is normal. Most babies will move into delivery position a few weeks prior to birth, with the head moving closer to the birth canal. When this fails to happen, the baby's buttocks and/or feet will be positioned to be delivered first. This is referred to as “breech presentation. At about 30 weeks about 25% of babies are not in a “cephalic” (head down) position. It is normal for the baby to turn head down even by about 34 weeks. So don't worry! It is a concern if the baby is not head down at 36 weeks and beyond.
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Question: In my last scan therebis fundo posterior low lying placenta lukly to migrate.what is the meaning of this? Is everything all right or not?
Answer: Hi dear, you have posterior low lying placenta. It is a little risky but in your case there is a chance of moving your placenta upward which is good n normal. So, dont worry dear.
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Question: Hello mam in my anomaly scan breech presentation of gestation age 23.2 what is the meaning of that..
Answer: HI Babies that have their feet or buttocks pointed down instead of their head are considered to be in a breech position. for normal delivery baby should be in head down position, but don't worry it is too early to think about the baby's position right now as baby is very small and it's too early to think about the position as it keeps changing position till 33 to 34 weeks. take care
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Question: Hello doc ...my gynaecologist said my P/A is soft ....what is the meaning of this word
Answer: Dear it would be better if you ask your doctor in detail what exactly they mean to say as by abbreviation it is hard to tell what exactly she meant. The only term which is called Pa in of pregnancy is Pulmonary atresia (PA) which is a heart defect that occurs due to abnormal development of the fetal heart during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. Pulmonary atresia means that there is an abnormal development of the pulmonary valve. Hope it helps.
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Question: Today i had my Nt scan everything is normal but doctor said that i hv a posterior low lying placenta. Please Suggest some precautions???
Answer: its ok ur baby will come up by itself
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