7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi . This is my first pregnancy. I want to know how ti sit move .. how to sleep in 7 week

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Answer: You can sit and move as normally... only while sleeping please ensure that you sleep on your left side or right side.. you should not sleep on your back as it will affect the blood flow to the utreus and your baby...
Answer: You can sleep by sides...especially left side..so that your baby can get good blood flow. Dont sleep on back and stomach.
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Question: Hii my baby boy is 7 month old so I want to know how many hours he want to sleep?
Answer: Hello dear. From 6 to 8 months, a baby should get an average of 11 uninterrupted hours of sleep each night and 3.5 hours each day, spread out over two to three naps (a morning, afternoon, and late-afternoon nap). All the best.
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Question: Hi dear...severe pain in spine couldn't stand sit sleep continuously..i think from my earlier pregnancy I didn't move anywhere..was this reason leads this problem?
Answer: Hi dear, please be active do some exercises/yoga, walk and some home chores..it will keep your pregnancy healthy Or aap sikai kr sakti h bottle se
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Question: Hi 8 week pregnant. I want to know how to sleep. Can we sleep straight.
Answer: Hii dear. Sleeping on back can affect some of ur blood vessel which can disrupt the flow of blood to ur baby and also give u. Short breathlessness , nausea and dizziness. U should sleep on sides. Specially from ur second trimester. It's ok as while sleeping u comes to starting position but as soon as u feel so do change the position to sides. First trimester u can consider is as ur practice period for ur sleeping position.u should sleep on left side preferably as it will provide a proper neutrient to ur baby and u will have a proper blood flow. U can breath well also . If u get sleeping in one side then u can sleep on right side but avoid sleeping straight.
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