9 months old baby

Question: Hi there my baby is 9 months old but he had not got her teeth yet every one says because of lack of calcium or is there any other reason

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Answer: Dear some babies do get their teeth late. it's completely normal a baby can grow his first teeth as late as 18 month. so don't worry just feed your baby properly and hopefully before his first birthday baby will have a set of teeth.. but if you are so concerned about the calcium level of baby then do consult with the doctor and get baby checked once and if there would be any requirement for calcium the doctor will prescribe you.
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Question: my baby is 10 months old and she had not got her teeth yet.. is this a normal thing or there is any problem
Answer: Hello dear!Dont worry it's normal.The age at which a child's first tooth appears can vary widely.  The first tooth usually erupts at around the age of six months, and some still have a completely gummy smile on their first birthday. If your baby still doesn't have any teeth at 10 months he is, almost certainly, just taking his time. The chances are that late teething runs in the family. Your baby’s grandparents will be able to throw some light. You may find that either you, or your husband, were also slow in cutting your first teeth. 
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Question: my son is 9 months old still he had no teeth...is there any problem or
Answer: same here...I asked pediatrician he told it's good ... atlest baby I'll get some little bit less pain nd problem ...for teething..
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Question: My daughter is 10 months old, but yet not got her teeth...is it normal?
Answer: it is absolutely normal please don't worry and wait till 1 year, if still the teeth are not erupting then you should get it checked by the dentist
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