13 months old baby

Question: Hi there...my baby is 1year 20 days old now. She hasn't started walking yet. When family and friends visits us they say at this stage babies started walking. My baby she holds and walk but can't walk by her own. I'm so worried about her. And she's not gaining weight also her weight is 7.8kg only. So worried about her.

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Answer: Hello dear Every baby is different so are their activities, please note some baby's learn late and its absolutely fine. May be he is getting developed at others areas. Don't worry he will start walking soon. Just keep on massaging ur baby legs daily
Answer: Hi,see dear people do say their comments. But you should not worr about that. Each child is different and never compare your child. It is normal that child starts walking any time till 14 months. So don't worry.
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Question: hello,my baby is 1year 1week old and she gain so Much weight so that she didn't walk yet,so what to do?what i do to make her walk?
Answer: I can understand your worry aa almost all baby start walking by 11th month. But instead of getting tensed take charge of things. its a good sign that your baby walks with support this means that he is on right part, it's just that he his lacking the confidence to walk all by himself. First, give plenty of floor time to your baby so that he gets to explore his body. Don't make him spend much time in rockers, car seats, stroller etc. This makes baby dependant. Second, Motivate baby to walk towards you by luring him with his favourite food, toy object etc. Third, When your baby us standing, place objects at his knee level so that he has to squat to get them. Squatting helps in strengthening hip and leg muscles thus promoting more stability on feet. Fourth, Help your baby walk with you by holding him by his trunk for first few days, once hus posture is corrected you can hold his both hands and help him walk. this exercise should be done very gently and patiently. Make sure you let baby take steps on his own just hold his hands for support , you don't need to drag him to be able to walk. Fifth, Whenever he takes a step by himself make it a bug deal. Hoot,clap, whistle this will encourage child to walk more and boost his confidence. Apart from all this do get your baby checked by his paediatrician once so that chances if any underlying problwm could be eliminated. Stay blessed!
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Question: Hello!! My baby is 13 months old and she has not yet started walking .... im worried about it ... do you suggest me to do something dor her .. so that she starts walking??
Answer: Hi dear. there you will have to observe activities of your baby if you baby is trying to stand or is standing already then don't worry your baby is developing properly , where your baby is just 13 months old she will start walking soon . if you baby is standing without support then you will have to help your baby or encourage your baby to walk by holding both of your hands and when you will see that your baby is walking with support then appreciate your baby in order that she get confidence To Walk Alone too. don't worry dear there are so many babies who start working in 15th 16th and 17th month so just encourage your baby to walk and don't take tension .
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Question: My baby is 11months + but her body weight 8kg...she is active nd now she started walking... I miss worried about her body weight.. What should I do
Answer: Hi dear u should include oats sweetpotato banana ragi daal whole grain in everyday diet. Also give a full meal of 4 times and snacks two times a day to ur baby .do make sure whenever u people eat make baby habit of having his own plate on the table. May be u can feed ur baby earlier to family meal time but do giving some portion of food to baby make him responsible and adds on habit of taking meal with family.
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