1 months old baby

Question: Hi team, My baby is 6 weeks 2 days old. But he doesn't look into my eyes during feeding or when awake for few minutes. He looks into one corner of the room. Even if he looks into my eyes, that happens for 1 milli second. His eyes move here and there to explore. By when he will start looking into my eyes and from when will he start tracking objects/ toys. From when will he start smiling...also he is hardly awake for playing. When he is awake, he is crying and after feed, sleeps. Please advise.

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Answer: Your baby is just 1 month old, generally babies take complete 3 months to see other objects continuously, babies will start to smile once they start to see you... Now this is the time for them to drink milk and sleep, so don't expect them to play, for playing to you have to wait till 90days
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    Jaspreet Kaur45 days ago

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