5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi .... someone pls ans my question.... I have regular periods ... but this month I faced missed period past 3days ... today mrng I saw some drops of bleeding.... after that don't have bleeding till now .... have lower abdominal pain and leg pain slightly .... pls need some solutions

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Answer: It might be implantation bleeding when baby attaches itself to uterus. Take a home pregnancy test else visit doctor.
Answer: Go to ur doctor as soon as possible
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Question: I missed my periods and I have sometimes lower abdominal pain and headache.Usually I had regular periods Are these symptoms of pregnancy?Pls answer
Answer: Please do home test, sometimes periods get delayed with other reasons
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Question: Lst month I hd misscarrege my date wz 29.. Nw till I don't have periods so what it means n m feeling nosiatic, body painn slightly abdominal pain
Answer: It is 1st seotember now..... Please tell me it was 29 July or 29 Aug? You shall see a period in 29th of August but if you have not seen ur period then I will advise you to wait for 5 days that is 5th of September and then take a pregnancy kit test this is to be done if if you miscarried with the help of abortion pills . but if you had a complete DNC then this should not be a concern and I will straight away advise you to see your Dr again if you had DnC procedure and still you do not get periods till 5th of September I will advise you to see your gynecologist although the sign and symptoms of abdominal pain and all are indicative of having a menstrual period soon so that's why I will request you to wait till 5th of September if your cycle has extended to 35 days because of hormonal imbalance it will bleed in coming four days
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Question: I am suffering from lower abdominal pain slightly slightly it makes my belly more tightened when pain comes while urinates its pain is this normal mam pls ans me
Answer: Hello! Yes, this is normal dear. It happens mainly due to the expanding uterus which causes the muscles and ligaments to stretch. There is nothing to worry, it is happens. Try these for some relief. 1. Change position 2. Lie down on the sides. 3. Drink plenty of water 4. Get some exercise. Take care
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