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Question: Hi sis, I'm having 15 days old baby, I'm suffering with Breast and nipple thrush (BNT) is a yeast infection of the nipple and breast caused by a fungal organism known as Candida albicans. Tell me any home remedies or common medicine. I think its in starting stage in my left breast and baby having white deposit in his tongue. Pls do reply me

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Question: I have infection in my back side....I don't know why...pls tell me some food remedies..I think it is yeast infection....and I'm planning for pregnancy...
Answer: Ohh,it is better you first take care of this infection because it is not safe to have any infection during pregnancy.You should try applying lacto Calamine lotion ,it is helpful ,and you can also try aloe Vera Gel,as it is good for all kind of skin problems
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Question: Hii.. I have vaginal fungal infection.. Tested through vaginal swab test. And having heavy white discharge.. They prescribed me Doxy and rcinex and itraconazole tablet for 15 days.. Test result come as candida albicans grown in culture.. I can't be in family.. There is more irritation in vaginal
Answer: Hey my dear so its UTI dont stress just take treatment as prescribed by doctor and it will be cured in a month time dont worry and also drink unsweetened cranberry juice regularly that will help
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Question: How do I increase my breast milk supply? I'm having jeera water and jeera in my food, having other foods known to increase milk supply, taking Lactonic granules, having 4+ litres of water a day but still I have almost one ounce of milk in one hour pumping session. Please help.
Answer: Drink garlic milk Use more garlic Drink fenugrek seed water Eat dry fish Eat dry fruits Eat papaya
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