2 months old baby

Question: Hi sis.. I'm a bf mom.. I drink 1 to 1.5litres cows milk daily and also taking calcimax d1000mg tablet.. Is this right amount of intake calcium or else over consumption? Pls clear my doubt

Answer: Hi,dear fir the dosage of calcium ,it depends in your weight and your calcium levels in the body ,so you should cinsult nyour Dr white will be able to guide you with the proper dosage that is required to be taken. Drinking 1 litre of milk is quiet good enough
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    karthika raman119 days ago

    Thanks for your reply...

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Question: mera right leg bahut dard rhta h also (only) sleeping Tim Pr kamar ekdam akad jati h bahut pain hota h, is it bcz of calcium vit. I m having enough curd,paneer,milk in my dite. Also taking calcium tablet as all suggested this pain is normal till the Tim baby is on breastfeed. Do I need to visit doctor?
Answer: Hello! It is normal during pregnancy. Don't worry. Try these to help you out. Stretch your calf muscles immediately by straightening your leg, heel first, and gently flexing your toes back toward your shins. (Don't point your toes while stretching. It can make the muscle contract and worsen the cramp.) This stretch might hurt at first, but it will ease the spasm and gradually make the pain go away. After you stretch, massage the muscle or warm it with a hot water bottle to relax the tissue. Walking around for a few minutes may help too. there's no surefire way to prevent leg cramps during pregnancy. But these tips might help make them less likely: Don't stand or sit with your legs crossed for long periods of time. Stretch your calf muscles regularly during the day and several times before you go to bed. Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes whenever you sit down, eat dinner, or watch TV. Take a walk every day (unless your healthcare provider has advised you not to exercise). Lie down on your left side to improve circulation to and from your legs. Drink water regularly to stay hydrated during the day. Try a warm bath before bed to relax your muscles.
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Question: Hi..I'm 13 weeks pregnant...I have white discharge, it comes daily...is it normal ...I consult a doctor 3 days before ....the doctor said take 1 glass of lemon juice after breakfast, lunch, and dinner ...am I continue this way of taking lemon juice 3 times a day for daily routine ? Pls reply
Answer: Hello dear, you can take lemon juice, no problem. vaginal discharge is normal during pregnancy. It could be white, green or yellow colour, because of hormonal changes during pregnancy. If the vaginal discharge comes with strong smelling, and/or accompanied by redness or itching, you may have a vaginal infection. Try to clean and dry inner area, use panty if getting more discharge, Change panty 2 times in a day. Apply Yogurt or garlic paste or apple cider vinegar and rub it over the external parts of the vagina and rinse it. Eat a cup of yogurt a day will also help. Repeat the treatment for a week or until the fluids become normal. If don't feel comfortable, consult your gyno. Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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Question: My baby is 1 month old. She cries a lot for 10 mins before urinating.currently i can feel the symptoms of heat in my body. So my mom says since she taking my milk her body may also got heat. Is this true? If true what is remedy else can anyone please help with the reason for it and remedy
Answer: Usually baby cries after urinating.. avoid having too much of garlic and ginger.. have plenty of water daily
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