8 months old baby

Question: Hi sir my baby is 8 months he sleeps very less how to get him sleep at day time

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Answer: Lots of babies, especially newborns, are day-time babies. These little babies don't seem to understand that they are supposed to sleep both in daytime and as well As in night time. Actually it depends on babies, nothing can be done in that. Your baby probably has his own unique sleeping pattern. He may sleep more during the day, or get most of his sleep during night-time hours. Your baby needs about three hours of sleep in the day until he's around nine months. Most babies have a longer nap in the morning and a shorter one in the afternoon. So don't worry, as ur baby will grow his sleeping routine will automatically change
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Question: my baby sleeps very less time hardly 20 minutes in day at night also he doesn't take deep sleep
Answer: Hii I need few more information. About ur baby. How old is he? Is it happening from few days or it is happening from very beginning. Kindly provide a complete information so that I can give u a proper and fruitful.assistance. All the best.
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Question: My Baby Boy is 5 months still his sleep time is not proper. Day time he sleeps for 2-3 hrs. But at night time he wakes up after very often. How to make him sleep for long time.
Answer: Make sure u put right clothing for ur baby at night time.. switch off the lights except for bedroom light.. pamper ur child.. sing a song and make sure u feed him well.. ur baby will sleep for longer time then.. gud luck .
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Question: Hello maam..my baby sleeps very late in night time n in day time also he sleeps very little..how can i make him to sleep in night ..
Answer: during summers the best way to make a baby sleep is give a night bath and massage. other than that you can feed your baby while he is sleeping if you are breastfeeding this is known as dream feeding
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