21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi , should i drink kesar milk everyday?

Answer: Yes u can bt i think before consuming any food just ask once to doctor or grandma
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Question: hi can we drink kesar milk everyday im 32wks pregnant
Answer: Kesar is safe and very good in pregnancy in milk. But use saffron in moderation, especially when you're pregnant. saffron may reduce blood pressure and mood swing. Traditionally, saffron is believed to be healing in nature. It's commonly used as a muscle relaxant. It may help relieve stomach pains too. it also improve digestion and increase hunger. You can start taking saffron milk at any time during your pregnancy. Milk is a great source of proteins and calcium. It is best to add just one or two threads of saffron to a glass of milk during pregnancy. It is also safe to use a few strands of saffron in your cooking. You can use kesar to flavour biryani, kheer, lassi and other foods.
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Question: Should we drink kesar milk with ghee
Answer: yes ..but last days of pregnancy like 20 /15 days of delivery
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Question: Hi.. I'm 5 week pregnant.. can i drink Kesar milk or what amount of kesar i should use.?
Answer: Yes dear You can start taking Kesar from second trimester. Kesar can be consumed in the morning as well as in the evening with a warm glass of milk. Just put a pinch of saffron over the glass of milk and have it. Even when you are cooking, put some stands of saffron in it.
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