9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, recently I test by home pregnency kit and result shows it Positive. But for Lockdown I can not able to test through a lab and doctors do not want to take any appointment. What should I do now? Am I assume that the result is accurate? I test for 2times.My last period date was 28 th jan.

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Answer: Congratulations for your pregnancy..... After April 1 st uh can visit ur Dr... Check out any nursing home or any multispecial hospital are opened are what so that uh can easily start ur calcium tablet and folic acid tablet and also blood test done good luck 👍
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Question: Mam, i got my last period in january i.e 31st. And till now i didnt got the period. I went through the pregenency test kit. But i got it as neagtive. I am not able to understand what to do
Answer: Dear delayed periods or missed periods can happen for many reasons other than pregnancy.common causes can range from hormonal imbalance to stress and medical issues.please visit doctor and get few blood tests once the situation becomes normal from covid-19.
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Question: Hi, I'm 6 weeks pregnant. I tested positive through home kit and haven't visited doctor due to lock down. I'm not showing any pregnancy symptoms till now. I'm deeply worried and getting into doubt were I'm really pregnant or not
Answer: Congratulations dear u r pregnant. Some lucky women don't show any symptoms nd u r one of them. Just take care of urself , try to v contact gynec, try to take usg upto 8/9th week. Best luck dear
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Question: I have done home pregnant test it's show positive it is correct that I am pregant or I want to do again pregnant test can one test show correct result we have to do again and again plz tell me
Answer: If it s positive congratulations need not do any test just visit doc after lock down now stay at home
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