34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi 34weeks pregnant my stool is green is it normal

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Answer: May b it's for low digestive system which hpn in this tym ....don't worry ..to cre
Answer: It is normal in some people, it happens because of medicine
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Question: My baby is passing green stool is it normal?
Answer: Don't worry it is normal,some times when baby is fed with only one breast only foremilk is consumed .so sometimes baby passes green stool..mark it useful if it is useful...
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Question: Hi .. i am 16 week pregnant... Is it normal passing dark brown or green stool??
Answer: Yes normal. Bcz of iron tablets and leafy vegetables. So no need to worry dear
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Question: Green stool.. is it normal??
Answer: Green potty is due to three reasons. First is imbalance between hind milk and fore milk. You need to feed baby both the milk. It is better to feed from one breast for one feed so that baby gets both. As feeding goes on fat percent in milk increases which is needed for babies growth. Second is any viral infection like cold. If baby has Cold,cough or fever potty will be green. Third is stomach infection, which is rare at this stage. If you feel baby showing other symptoms such as fever please consult doctor. Take care
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