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Question: Hi please tell for pregnancy since 4 years but I have some emergency present I'm not using any medicines for pregnancy then can I use 5 tablets of primoult n i.e periods delay tablet can use or any problem pllzz tell me

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Question: I'm in 6th week of pregnancy, I can't able to eat any thing because of vomiting sensetion.. can any one tell me what should I do for this... And what is solution for this...?
Answer: Hello, in first trimester some mothers feels the same. But you should have something like nimbu paani and nariyal pani and keep some anardana with u at that time. Vomiting is normal but take the proper diet for yoru baby, whatever you like to have fruits or makhana or coconut
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Question: Hi please tell me any one I'm trying for pregnancy but I'm not using any medicines but I have one function so I must use primoult n tablets i.e is periods delay tablet can I use that tablets because my friend told me after using that tablets eggs will decrease is it true pllzz tell me what I have to do
Answer: Hi dear. If u r planning for pregnancy then u r nt supposed 2 tk any kind of tblt. Sorry I have no idea abt d decrease of eggs. Bt s u may have side effects. So do consult doctor
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Question: Hello everyone m 35 weeks pregnant and facing lot of fungal infection issues near vagina..applying creams n ointments are useless as I've tried after doctors prescription.. Is there any other way or oral tablets that i can have during pregnancy? Also after delivery can i have medicines for fungal infection or cant have till breastfeeding stops? Pls help
Answer: Consult doctor.. don't apply any creams or ointments. Dotor will suggest you medicine which have to be inserted through vegina..
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