11 months old baby

Question: Hi, please suggest me how to make baby to sleep without me,since i need to go to office from January,My baby is 10 months 20 days old,I dont want to stop breast feeding her before 1 year.

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Question: Hi... my baby is now 1 year 7 months old and still I m breast feeding , can I stop ? How to make my baby to forget? Please suggeat
Answer: Hello Babies are hard wired to breast feed you cannot switch very easily to a bottle. But the weaning process will take time and is not impossible the best way to do dis is to a replacement with a better tasting option. Limit ur nursing sessions so the baby feels hungry that way u it will also help u with solid food feeding. Go slowly as he is use to breast feeding don't cut it immidiately. Involve his dear daddy, let his daddy put him to sleep that way u ll be away n bottle feeding gets a chance. Make a decision and stay on it as u feel so bad for ur baby u ll go back to feeding fulltime then u ll have to start the weaning process again Hope I helped
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Question: how to stop breast feeding with 1 year old baby...
Answer: An easier strategy is to reduce breast-feeding sessions slowly over several weeks. Start with the session that seems least important to the baby or the one in which the baby eats the least. Give the baby a few days to adjust before stopping the next feeding session. Repeat the process to eliminate each feeding session, up to the last. The last remaining feeding session, usually an early morning or evening feed, is often the most difficult to give up. Women should allow time for the baby and themselves to adjust. Some women choose to keep this final feeding session going for several additional months.
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Question: Hi My daughter age is 20 months . Please suggest how to stop breastfeed she cried a lot when she want to sleep she need. In day time i didnt gave her but at sleep time very tough to stop her
Answer: Hello dear It is little difficult for 2 yrs old baby to Stop breastfeeding as it became the habit. But it is not impossible. Following tips u can follow to stop breastfeeding : 1. Start the weaning process slowly and gradually. 2. Make sure your baby gets plenty to eat throughout the day. 3. Offer extra feedings in the evening. 4. Have your partner comfort your baby when she cries at night. 5. Gradually eliminate feedings, one at a time.
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