7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi pahele muje sabji roti sab jayada pasand tha abb wada pav pani puri khane ko man kar raha hai is it ok to eat such things

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Answer: Dear kabhi kabhi yeh sab khana cravings hone par thik hai but had se jyada nahi khana chahiye. Make sure aap jyada nahi khao. Hope I helped.
Answer: same with me. i also dont like roti sbji now days. bilkul b khane ka man nhi karta. dont know what to do
Answer: Thanks and i have minor cramp at lower abdomen is their any serious matter
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Question: hie frnds, m 6 weeks pregnant..but muje kuch khane ka man nahi kar raha hai..weakness bhi bohot hai. kal vomite bhi hua tha? bhuk lagti hai but man nahi karta khana khane ka, vomit jaise feel hota hai. pura din tired jaise hota hai..what can i do in this time?
Answer: Hello! morning sickness, although an unpleasant experience, has no health risk for the baby and is a regular part of pregnancy. In fact, it says that morning sickness during pregnancy can be a sign of a healthy pregnancy, with lower rates of miscarriages and stillbirths, compared with pregnancies with no nausea or vomiting. 1. consuming more meals per day, with smaller portions may help, especially high-carbohydrate meals. 2. pregnant women with morning sickness should try to avoid having an empty stomach. 3. Ginger may help reduce nausea symptoms during pregnancy. 4. Take ginger lemon water with honey. 5. Stay away from strong smell. during pregnancy, there may be an increase in sensitivity to odors, which might overstimulate normal nausea triggers. 6.  mix one teaspoon each of lemon juice and mint juice with one-half teaspoon of ginger juice and one tablespoon of honey. Have this mixture two to three times a day. 7. Add five to six drops of ginger juice in a teaspoon of honey. Consume this mixture slowly when you wake up in the morning. 8. Press 15 to 20 curry leaves on a sieve to extract the juice.  Add two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey or sugar and mix it well. 9.  Chew on one teaspoon of fennel seeds after meals to help in the digestion process. 10. It has been found that women who drink a glass of water every hour are much less likely to suffer from morning sickness. Try to drink eight to 10 glasses of water daily.
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Question: muje kuch bhi khane ka man nahi kar raha hai me kya karu muje pani bhi peene nahi ho raha vomit ati hai me kya karu plz ans me
Answer: Hi dear, Pregnancy me aisi complain kaafi normal hai. Hormones ki wajah se nausea feel hota hai,Kuch khane Ka man bhi Nahi karta. Force feed na kare.jitna man kare utna khaye. Thoda thoda khaye.din me drive rahe,jisse metabolism badhega aur bhuk bhi lagegi. Jitna bhi khaye ,healthy khaye.din me paani bhi khoob piye.flavored water Jaise nimbu paani piye,jisse body ke toxins flush out hoke, appetite bhi badha hai.aap following tips padhe jisse aapko nausea Kam Hoga: 1- chew ginger 2- chew ajwain 3- eat less spicy food 4- avoid coffee 5- fresh air breathing 6- smell peppermint 7-drinking water Donot worry Aapka baby ki growth normal hi rahegi.2 Nd trimester se aisi feeling Kam hone lagegi.un cheezo se door rahe jisse aapko nausea feel hota ho.Also refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: Hi...muje bahut he slatepencils khane ka man kar raha hai..itna..ka ek din me half box to khatam hojara..my is adat ko kaise chudvavu..aur mera hemaglobin bi 8.7 ho gaya hi..
Answer: Hello! Please slate pencil mat khaye. Isse apko problem hoga aur apke baby ko proper nutrition nehi milega. Yeh slate pencil khane ka maan karna mainly kisi deficiency ke wajah se hota hain jisee pica bolte hain. Isiliye jald se jald kisi doctor ko consult karein. Take care
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