40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi one & All, I knew this is a babies section for mom's. Sorry to bother u all. But I need to confirm one thing abt blood clot in the brain. If there is a blood clot in brain. And if the doctor suggested to inject the medicine through syringe to dissolve the book clot via neck nerve which passes through the brain, few patients wud get fever it seems. Is it dangerous ? Becoz my dad is ailing. Before doctor put that injection to him, I need to confirm if it causes something serious. If any of u get to know abt it please respond as soon as possible.

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Answer: my sister had this blood clot in brain but never had injection through nerves. she always got medication orally. and I don't know what's the case and y he suggest to have injection. normally neurological issues must be treated orally in start.
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    jeyageetha TT1338 days ago

    Oh ! but that's what doctor did so.. m not sure abt it becoz m in the last month of my pregnancy. so I did not visited the hospital yet & m staying at home.